23 Twitter Accounts for People Who Love Languages

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Do you tweet? The best thing about Twitter is how easy it is to keep track of your interests. At the same time, there’s so much going on that it can be overwhelming trying to figure out which accounts to follow.

So, let us help you out. Here are 23 Twitter accounts for people who love learning about languages or who want to keep up with what’s going on in the language services industry.

Language Facts and Fun

This section is for accounts that focus on languages and language trivia. So, follow them all, make your Twitter feed less boring, and learn some cool facts in the process.


Username: @Dictionarycom

Why follow? The popular online dictionary has an equally popular Twitter account. Follow them for obscure word definitions, words in current events and cheeky word-related humor. They are staunch defenders of the idea that words mean things, even when they’re coming from the mouths of politicians.

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The Oxford English Dictionary

Username: @OED

Why follow? To improve your vocabulary, of course. Every day, the OED tweets a “Word of the Day,” and they’re almost always worth at least $5.00.

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Indigenous Tweets


Why follow? To keep up with the latest news on indigenous and minority languages.

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Rosetta Stone

Username: @rosettastone

Follow them for: Fun facts about language and language learning

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About World Languages

Username: @aboutworldlangs

Why follow? This is the Twitter account for About World Languages, a website promoting language learning and cultural awareness and maintained by The Technology Development Group. Follow for interesting facts about languages from around the world.

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Username: @LanguageLog 

Why Follow? To keep with the latest from the Language Log blog, of course!

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Language Bandit

Username: @Languagebandit

Why follow? Just the language facts, ma’am. Language facts and more language facts.

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Benny Lewis

Username: @irishpolyglot

Why follow? Keep up with the adventures of Fluent in 3 Month’s Benny Lewis (see our interview with him here), plus information about languages and how to learn them.

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Dictionary of American Regional English


Why follow? Because you’ve always wanted to know the meaning of words like “foop” and “drizzle-drazzle,” haven’t you?

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Why follow? Obscure words and cool facts about them.

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Ben Zimmer


Why follow? Ben Zimmer is a linguist who writes a column for the Wall Street Journal. Follow him for insights on how English is evolving, word histories and more.

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Username: @MerriamWebster

Why Follow:  Learn new words and new facts about them, plus see what other people are looking up.

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Top Language Services/Translation Industry Twitter Accounts

Want to keep up to date with what’s going on in the world of translation, interpretation, and localization?

Follow these accounts!

Nova Languages

Username: @novalanguages

Why follow? A really interesting, well-curated feed on languages and translation from Nova Languages, a New York language agency.

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MultiLingual Magazine


Why follow? The latest industry-related news and updates from MultiLingual Magazine, a language industry staple for the past 30 years.

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Marjolein Groot Nibbelink (aka Multilingual Marla)

Username: @MLConnect

Why follow? The Twitter feed for MultiLingual Magazine’s marketing director is filled with interesting and helpful information for translators and the businesses who use their services.

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Localization News

Username: @L10Ntweets

Why follow? An excellent source of interesting stories about languages and translation.

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Common Sense Advisory


Why follow? The latest independent market research on translation, localization and global businesses.

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Username: @slatornews

Why follow? An excellent stream of industry-related news from both the Slator website and around the Internet.

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Why follow? Observe the evolution of our new robot overlords! This account features translation industry news and analysis, with a special focus on machine translation.

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Username: @EliaOrg

Why follow? Information on industry news and events from the European Language Industry Association.

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American Translators Association


Why follow? Another great feed full of information on world languages and the translation industry.

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Nataly Kelly


Why follow? HubSpot’s VP of International Operations and Strategy is an excellent source for information on global marketing and international business expansion.

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Username: @smartCATai

Why follow? Fun articles about languages and helpful information for translators.

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Of course, we’d love it if you gave us a follow, too: @K_International

Want to follow everyone all at once? This list makes it easy!

And I’m sure I missed some great accounts, so feel free to recommend them in the comments.