Want to pretend to be a real Parisian for a week?

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Monday and Tuesday

Contrarily at what we have been taught since we were kids, these 2 days are pretty amazing. You think I’m out of my mind? Give me a chance to explain…After a very relaxing and enjoyable week end, the Parisian is feeling good and ready for a new week. For work? Well, yeah but especially for all the events where he is gonna go. Indeed, Monday and Tuesday nights in the French capital are the nights to go to Cinema Premieres, club or bar openings, new band gigs, “quiet” clubbing or even speed dating. There is definitely a special atmosphere floating in Paris on these nights.


Ideal day to organize dinners between friends, see a play at the theatre, meet your loved one at a chic restaurant or in last recourse, drag yourself to a vernissage. However you absolutely cannot go to the cinema! This is the most important rule to follow on a Wednesday in Paris. You are still listening, right? Because all the new movies are out this day…But if you fancy queuing for hours packed likes sardines under the rain just to be able to seat in a crowded screen and cannot understand anything because of the noise, then go for it! 🙂


Familiarly called “heart attack day”. Craziest day of the week, Thursday is surcharged with loads of parties, pre-dinner drink meetings, birthdays and club openings. Everyone wants you; you are like a famous star on Hollywood Boulevard during the Oscars season. How to choose where to go, where to be seen? It’s a tricky question I have to admit, best is to define a roadmap, just you know, in case you got lost at a corner and don’t know anymore which amazing party you need to attend. But well, on a Thursday, its craziness everywhere, nothing much I can do about it, right?


Bastard day because situated at the end of the week but not in the week end yet. It’s hard to know what to do on Friday night because if you have played your Thursday well, I guess you just slept 2 hours the night before, probably still hangover looking like Casper the (friendly, assuming you are) ghost and with a massive headache. Besides that, you are probably aware of the Parisian snobbish paradoxe: if the rest of France is tempted to go out on a Friday night, he won’t. (always differentiate himself from the crowd). So my advice is just stay at home watching your favourite movie with a bowl full of popcorn and sweets. You can invite your best friend, but it’s optional.


It’s “chilling out” day. At the opposite of everyone who is playing the “Saturday Night Fever” in the whole world, the Parisian NEVER goes out on a Saturday, sacred rule known by every person living in the capital. They work (on what, this I’m not sure…), they relax, drink coffees, go for shopping, spend time with their kids if they have some, slack in bed, watch few DVDs solo or leave the city for the week end. But in any case, Saturday is when the Parisian allows himself a good break.


Parisian day by excellence. To be the perfect Parisian on this particular day, you need to respect 2 important rules. First, never do like the other French people. Second, do the same things than in the week. Let me explain… You don’t go on lunch on a Sunday day, it’s way too old fashioned, instead, you go on Brunch, like in New York (only city of which Paris tolerates the comparison). You don’t stay in bed late on a Sunday morning, you go running in parks or go shopping in markets. Be careful though, you need a particular look, you wouldn’t go with a simple sweat suit… definitely a “no no” for the Parisian. Finally, as long as you stick to these 2 simple rules, everything you have in mind is allowed on a Sunday.

Got it? Ready to be a Parisian for a week?