The Wings of a Dove

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As some of you know… We’ve had some strange noises in the roof the last couple of days and saw a couple of white doves trapped up there. We’d tried to get them out but couldn’t so we had to call the local bird catcher to do what he had to do. He was going to come in at the weekend and put some traps in the roof.

Yesterday we thought it was weird that we hadn’t heard them all day and as we were closing the office down myself and Dave thought it would be a good idea to have a look in the roof and see if we could see them. We were talking about how to get up there, remembered we had some stepladders in the server room.

Somehow (and we really need to to work out how)  two doves got into the server room and stayed there. Now the server room is kept at a constant temperature of 15C (i.e. feels cold most days), is locked, and (we thought) impossible to get in with a key fob and a combination.

So, we needed to get them out. They’d already started to do a bit of damage. Thinking fast we got hold of a couple of crisp packet boxes (Leicestershire born and bred we’re never far from one) and some big bags that we used as a makeshift net. The first one virtually jumped into the box which was easy.

The second really didn’t like Walker’s crisp boxes and had us running around for a good twenty minutes. Agnieszka heard the noise and came to investigate, “I have a big black blanket in my car” she said. She went to get it and then laughed at us trying to catch the second dove. Eventually, we got it. We loaded the boxes carefully into my car and took them home.

I live about ten miles away from work so thought my back garden would be as good a place as any to set them free. I got home, told my little boy what had happened and then we let them out the boxes. The doves waited until they were together again and then fly north. That’s the last we saw of them…

… or so we thought. Just looked out of the window this morning and they are staring at me from the building opposite.

I’ll get my blanket

Special thanks to Agnieszka for offering to help by getting her special dove catching blanket from her car and then filming us chasing the dove around.

A bit of madness seems appropriate.

No animals were harmed in the making of this.