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Over the years we have worked with numerous companies (both large and small) to help them succeed in in their target markets, across all continents. It means we have learned a lot about the optimum processes to make your project work – we don’t have all the answers – but we certainly know the right questions to ask.

From "go to market" process improvements, how to handle a multi-language, multi-country translation project, to identifying the needs of local consumers, K International is your ideal partner. We help you get it right, and ensure your project is successful.

  • Unravel large and complex projects and processes to deliver success
  • Understand your target market and localise your product
  • Learn about local business culture and etiquette
  • Create appropriate packaging and compliant labelling
  • Test and validate your product locally
  • Support with legal, logistical and linguistic challenges when exporting
  • Ensure language and compliance fit perfectly in your supply chain
Global Growth

We can help you with your language project


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We help you reach international markets. Today’s economy is global. Companies of all sizes are establishing themselves internationally, giving them a competitive advantage.



Over 30 years, we have built our knowledge and expertise concerning communication, compliance, culture and creative services.

International Food Labels

Labelling Solutions

We produce fully translated labels, over-stickers and packaging that meet local market regulatory requirements and localised consumer preferences.

International Labelling

Product Testing and Validation

When entering new markets, we help test, validate and adapt your product and services according to local needs.


International Inbound Marketing

Whether you need your content transcreated, translated or created from scratch, we have the expertise to ensure your inbound marketing campaigns are a global success.

Nonverbal Communication Across Cultures How to Offend And Confuse People Around the World Without Saying a Word

Business Culture

It does not matter how big or small your organisation is or the aspirations and challenges you face, we help you understand the culture and norms in your target region.