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Businesses the world over rely on the power of the written word to drive their brand success. K International provides both English and multilingual copywriting services to give you the edge when marketing and selling your products. From pack copy to advertising materials, our fully managed professional writing services will enhance your customer’s experience and reinforce your brand messages.

Are you confident that everything written in the name of your brand is engaging new and existing customers at home and abroad?

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UK and International Copywriting Services

Copywriting services from expert wordsmiths

Even if you’ve spent time carefully crafting the perfect product or service ready to wow your customers, making sure it meets their needs in every way, it can still fall apart if your copy isn’t on point. From the packaging in which your product is shipped to the branded website, it’s imperative that the design and text elements work together to appeal to your customers.

Our expert copywriters produce engaging, concise copy that highlights your unique selling points and quickly furnishes your customers with the information they need. Take pack copy, for example, it has to fit within a limited area but it’s vital that it remains both appealing to your customer and legally correct in terms of regulatory legislation. Similarly, your advertising copy must do everything it can to inspire customers to purchase the product or service in question.

Not all organisations have the in-house skills to write such varied copy effectively, which is where our professional copywriting services can help.

So, whether you’re looking for English or multilingual copywriting services, you can rely on our talented team to help present your goods and services in the best possible light. From simple product labels to SEO-optimised website copy, using a professional writer produces a better end result. This can help you maximise profits by showcasing the appeal of your products in the right way at every step of the production and sales process.

K International has English copywriting and multilingual copywriting specialists working with companies around the world in order to ensure that their products and services are talking to their customers and building just the right brand message.

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Our copywriting services provide you with a host of benefits, here’s just a few:

  • Specialist writing talent available whenever you need it

    Our teams of copywriters include individuals from around the world who can produce copy in the language(s) you need. Their varied experience means that your company can access specialist writing resources for any requirement including pack copy, advertising materials or website content. Whichever style of writing or tone of voice you prefer, our talented copywriters will ensure that your products and services have never sounded better.

  • Centrally managed response

    Each of our clients has a dedicated Account Manager whose role it is to understand the job inside and out, to talk you through any element of a project, brief and liaise with the team of copywriters on your behalf and swiftly answer your questions – your one stop shop to project happiness!

  • Reduced timelines

    Whether you need English copywriting services or help with multilingual copywriting, we’re here to make the process simple, fast and effective. No company has time to waste, so we shape our service to the needs of your business. That means meetings arranged to your schedule and copy delivered on time, every time. We work across a range of demanding industries and clients, so understand the need to deliver professionally crafted copy that meets your goals and deadlines.

  • Secure, accredited work for peace of mind

    It’s always good to know that your information is in safe hands. We’re proud to hold both ISO 27001 accreditation and ISO 9001 accreditation. ISO 27001 certifies that our data security procedures are of top quality, while ISO 9001 relates to our quality management processes. These accreditations mean that you can enjoy peace of mind when it comes to the security of your company data. In addition, all K International team members are security cleared to at least CTC level. They are qualified to handle sensitive and secret documents securely and discreetly.

  • Engaging with new global audiences

    As well as professional copywriters, our worldwide network of sector specialist translators means we can provide relevant copy in any language you require. Some clients prefer their copy to be written afresh in each language targeted. Others use an English copywriting service and then translate the copy as required. Whichever approach you opt for, we take care of the process from start to finish, leaving you free to focus on other priorities.

“We have used K International for POS translations in Czech, Slovak, Polish & Hungarian, all of which were confirmed by the teams in the relevant countries. We are very pleased with the friendly and timely services that K International has provided to our company and would not hesitate to use them again in the future.”

Account Manager at Blackdog Marketing Communications

Blackdog Marketing Communications

“Customer service is exceptional. The team provides a quick turnaround for requests and is always thorough.”

Account Manager at
Feed Communications

Feed Communications

Want professional food packaging translation that meets international requirements?

Packaging translation

Our team of food packaging experts works with you to ensure that your food products are labelled correctly, no matter where you intend to sell them. From cooking instructions to nutritional information, we ensure that your food packaging ticks all the right boxes.

Want to ensure your retail translation puts you one step ahead?

Retail Product Translation

With over 150 languages at your disposal, our experienced, knowledgeable Retail Unit can handle all your global branding and associated retail requirements. We work to develop your product descriptions and marketing copy to ensure you have the best possible starting point prior to translating it.  This will make sure that your deadlines are met and brand values adhered to.

Want your copy to look as good as it sounds?

Document translation typesetting and design

Sometimes, copywriting alone isn’t enough. That’s why our in house Studio team works with you to ensure your copy looks fantastic to each and every new global customer. Our desktop publishing specialists can typeset your copy in any language needed and keep it in line with your house style. We also advise on the design elements to avoid cultural issues when presenting your copy in other languages.