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The key to successful international business is building effective relationships with your customers. K International’s expert linguistic and translation services support your business with the tools to engage and delight overseas customers through communication. These guides give you an insight into some of the UK’s most attractive export markets. Why limit yourself to a domestic audience when there’s a whole world of opportunity at your fingertips.

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Companies that sell goods and services overseas find themselves with a very different set of concerns than those selling purely within their own country. There are logistical issues to take care of, legal requirements to meet and often linguistic challenges that need to be addressed. Exporting products overseas is not an easy undertaking, but it can be a very profitable one. Translation and localisation support plays a major role in this so K International is producing a number of country-specific export guides to provide you with some helpful information. These guides will be populated over time and form a series of profile articles for each of the top 20 UK export markets.

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Logistical factors

The logistical elements of exporting goods can be complex. Companies need to ensure that goods are transported safely and securely, with delivery made to the right place, at the right time. They also need to ensure that delivery costs are kept within reasonable limits, in order to ensure maximum profitability from the venture. This means engaging with specialist hauliers and shipping companies, often in multiple languages, and negotiating the best deal. This can often be achieved by working with the logistics companies in their own language. As such, a small outlay for business translation services can sometimes result in greater savings as a result of enhanced shipping and haulage rates.

Customs requirements also need to be taken into account, including how the goods are packaged and labelled, along with the language in which this should be done. Translation support can assist with this process as well.

Logistic considerations for exporters

Contract negotiation

Export Contract translation

Shipping and haulage arrangements, along with agreements with overseas distributors all involved paperwork. Prices, timescales, collection and delivery arrangements, specialist factors like chill chain requirements – all these and more need to be discussed, defined and signed up to. This can cause headaches even for those companies who merely distribute their goods within their own country’s borders. The complexity is multiplied when those contract arrangements (and the resulting documentation) are conducted in another language.

Expert legal translation can be a big help here. Whether it is used to facilitate the setting up of meetings or clarify contractual terms, it is something that no business should forgo when making export arrangements in another language.

Packaging localisation

Any decent business culture guide will emphasise the need for packaging localisation when it comes to exporting goods overseas. This is not an area in which to make assumptions. Localisation support is essential in ensuring that logos, colour schemes, choice of images and copy don’t offend local cultural sensitivities and thus impact negatively on the profitability of the export venture.

Legal translation can also come into play in this area. Depending on the goods in question, the exporter will need to meet certain legal and regulatory obligations not only in terms of product quality, but also in relation to labelling, including the information displayed. The first step to meeting these requirements is understanding them. As they are often laid out in the target country’s native language, professional translation can quickly become an essential part of the process.

Export Packaging Translation

HR management

Translation for HR Teams

There’s no set export guide in terms of how companies should export their goods. There are simply too many variables. For some businesses, a series of contractual arrangements with logistics and distribution companies is the way forward. For others, it makes more sense to employ their own teams to handle the export process, from drivers to warehouse staff.

The latter approach usually involves yet more foreign language paperwork. Staff contracts and company policies and procedures have to be delivered to employees in their own language, along with any materials relating to operational requirements. The exporter also needs to factor in local employment law and any relevant commitments in terms of taxation and social security payments. Business translation can once more quickly become an essential part of both understanding local requirements and delivering the necessary services and paperwork to employees.

Financial translation

From tax documents to customs fees, there are plenty of financial paperwork requirements involved in the process of exporting goods. Paperwork needs to be in order at every step of the journey in order to avoid hold-ups and hassles that can affect a company’s bottom line. Financial translation services can be a great help in this respect, providing companies with the ability to deliver the required financial information at every stage of the export process, no matter the language that it needs to be in.

Translating financial export information

Customer service

Customer Service translation

Another area in which localisation support can be helpful is customer support. Any company that exports goods does so with the intention of selling its products to overseas customers. Understanding and meeting the needs of those customers is an important part of the process, but one that can be difficult when the company doesn’t speak their native language. Once more, professional translation and localisation services can help to unlock this aspect of the export process. From providing accurately translated customer feedback forms to delivering multi-lingual online chat support services, there are many ways in which companies can use translation services to empower their customers and build strong loyalty to their brand, no matter in which countries they choose to sell.

Country-specific business culture guides

Each country has its own unique approach to conducting business arrangements. As such, it’s important to adapt to local markets when exporting, whether that means adapting negotiation tactics or translating documents. Doing so means using localisation support to get under the skin of the country in question. It’s not just about ticking the boxes for legal and regulatory requirements (though this is, of course, a necessary part of the process), but about understanding the customs, values and motivations of that country’s people, along with their associated business practices.

It is this knowledge – and the use of specialist translation and localisation services – that separates successful exporters from those who struggle. That’s why K International is developing an export guide series. Check back often as profiles will be added regulary, we hope you find the following business culture guides useful.

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