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Effective labelling is key for consumers who may suffer from allergies. Inaccurate allergen information can have fatal consequences.

We can help ensure that your labels have the correct allergen information which is displayed in line with in-country regulations.

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Accurate Food Allergen Labelling

K International is skilled in working with retail organisations to ensure all allergen information is included in food labelling.

Food labelling which is accurate and easy to understand is likely to become law following a review by the Food Standards Agency and the UK Government after the tragic deaths of individuals with food allergies.

We work with your ingredients list, providing desktop publishing support to produce labels or over-stickers to ensure your customers are fully informed.

And, if you are entering new markets, we can provide translation and compliance services to ensure you meet the needs of each of your new markets.

We can help with your food allergen labels.

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Missing Allergen Information

Read an extract from our popular What To Do If Your Products Are Stuck At the Border blog post.

When allergens aren’t labelled tragedy can result. In the UK, two people died recently due to incorrectly marked sandwiches from popular ready-to-eat chain Pret a Manger. One victim, Natasha Ednan-Laperouse, was only 15 years old and allergic to sesame.

She read the label on the sandwich she picked up at the airport. Unfortunately, it didn’t list the sesame seeds baked into the bread. Under the current ‘fresh foods exception”, it didn’t have to. She collapsed on the plane and died a few days later. Incidents like these generate new labelling laws that can vary by country.

The “fresh foods” loophole is likely to close soon in the UK, with the expected passage of Natasha’s Law. In the United States of America, sesame seeds aren’t required to be listed as an allergen. However, they are required to be listed and appropriately highlighted in processed food labels in Europe, Canada and Australia.

With so many different regulations in play, it’s easy to see how allergen information could end up missing or listed improperly, even with the best of intentions.

Specialist Labelling Solutions

We work with retailers who face complex supply and delivery issues. We can work with you to co-create dynamic, hardworking solutions which get your products to market quickly and efficiently. Talk to us – we promise you won’t be disappointed.

Food Label Translation

Translation food labels in over 250 languages. Back of pack, front of pack or over-stickers.


Over-stickering can prove to be a very cost-effective solution for resolving needed information changes on products required when exporting to new markets.

Artwork Validation

Managing artwork as it moves through its life cycle of international approval. Full audit trail and a single point of contact.

International Compliance

Compliance with a local country’s legislation is at the heart of our retail translation process ensuring your international success.

Food Allergen Labelling

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“The team at K International are very knowledgeable, dedicated and enthusiastic. A big factor in working with K is that not only can they help you translate, but also, you have the peace of mind that the output is legally compliant.”

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