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Game localisation and translation services help video game developers and publishers like you, ensure your products are suitable for international audiences. The gaming industry is booming and K International are here to ensure that your products maximise their income potential by being perfectly prepared for a wide range of overseas markets.

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Game Localization

The key to appealing to gamers around the world

Game translation is a key part of maximising a game’s income potential. Developing a game can be a pricey and time-consuming task, so it makes sense to ensure that the final product appeals to the widest audience possible. That’s where game localisation comes into play.

A comprehensive game translation ensures that all associated video or mobile game copy – whether written or spoken within the game, or within the accompanying documentation – is adapted into the language of the regional audience for which the game is intended.

Game localisation enhances the process further by considering the game from the perspective of each specific audience. It looks at everything from cultural and historical references, to the way characters are dressed and their points of view. Every aspect is reviewed in light of the cultural and societal norms of the intended audience, to flag up any elements that are inappropriate, won’t be understood or will cause unintended humour or offence.

At K International, our game localisation experts provide you with a custom-shaped service to specifically match your product’s requirements. We work to support game developers and publishers to make their products ready for sale around the world. Our linguistic and cultural experts fulfil every aspect of the translation and localisation service, so both you and your end users benefit from the best possible translation service & quality.

Speak to our helpful team for further information and guidance on how to prepare your products for a global audience through game localisation.

Providing a breadth of high quality translation
tailored to the requirements of video game publishers and developers

By working with us, we can help you break down the language barriers
between you and your international audience of customers

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Game & App Strings
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Instruction Manuals
Box Packaging & Artwork
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As a valued game localisation client, you will enjoy a host of benefits:

  • Outstanding language services from qualified and experience linguists

    Our teams of linguistic specialists cover in excess of 150 languages, putting a huge skills resource at your fingertips. Our translators only ever work into their native languages, meaning that your game translation will flow naturally and flawlessly, no matter which language you choose to deliver it in. Let our linguists bring your game to life for new audiences!

  • Dedicated account management

    We understand how important it is to have a named contact to whom you can pick up the phone or send an email to at any time. That’s why every client we work with has a dedicated account manager who is familiar with every element of the job that the K International team is undertaking. Whether you have questions about the project, need to make a change at the last minute, or simply want to talk through the overall process, your account manager is there to help. They will also provide you with regular updates so that you share the latest knowledge of where the project is at.

  • Fast, simple service

    We’re here to help you achieve your game translation and localisation goals as swiftly and easily as possible. That’s why we shape our services in order to deliver a streamlined process that saves time on all sides. Our processes are developed to suit the requirements of your project, including how often we meet, how regularly you want updates and how quickly you need the translated material. We work regularly with government and high-level business clients and are used to delivering outstanding results even in the face of time pressures and other challenges.

  • Secure, accredited work

    We are proud to have achieved ISO 27001 accreditation for our data security procedures and ISO 9001 accreditation for our quality management processes. These accreditations offer assurance as to the stability and effectiveness of our processes and systems, both in terms of keeping your game translation safe and secure and in terms of the quality of the service that we deliver. All members of the K International team are security cleared to at least CTC level and are experienced at handling sensitive and secret documents.

  • Multi-format translation

    We work with documents in a wide range of formats when it comes to game translation and localisation. Our language experts will shape the delivery of their skills to suit your requirements, including how information is received and how the translated material is presented.

“We have used K International for POS translations in Czech, Slovak, Polish & Hungarian, all of which were confirmed by the teams in the relevant countries. We are very pleased with the friendly and timely services that K International has provided to our company and would not hesitate to use them again in the future.”

Account Manager at Blackdog Marketing Communications

Blackdog Marketing Communications

“I’m very grateful to K International for the translations they provide, always within a very short timescale. My business areas ask for these things with very little notice and you have succeeded in delivering every time. Well Done and Thank You”

Procurement Officer at
The Intellectual Property Office

intellectual property office

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