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The lingua franca of Indonesia, home to 240 million, Bahasa Indonesian is a standardised dialect of the Malay language and has become the national language of the archipelago since its independence in 1945. While there exist a variety of languages and dialect which are spoken throughout the populous country, such as 84 million speakers of Javanese, Indonesian is used in schools and for official purposes. In total, it is believed that up to 170 million speak Indonesian as a first or second language.

In a country with a multitude of language and a large population spread across islands, the national language has proven to be a strong and unifying force. We understand the power of language when it is used correctly and sensitively; because we only hire native speakers to our team of professional linguists, with K International you can be confident that you use just the right words for your target audience. We look forward to helping you to make the perfect first impression.

What we offer our clients:

  • Skilled Indonesian linguists for every project

    We are proud to offer translation carried out exclusively by professional native Indonesian linguists. This is because K International understands how important it is for your message to be carried in exactly the form and style that you intend.

  • A personal account manager

    You will have a dedicated project manager attached to your account throughout your working relationship with K International. A dedicated point of contact on hand to answer your questions and who fully understands your project requirements.

  • Ready to use translations

    As our client, we will provide your completed, translated text to you in its original format. Our team of specialist designers can handle texts designed for custom layouts, such as advertising materials, so you don’t have to worry about extra steps in the design management process.

  • Accredited Quality and Security

    K International are pleased to be fully accredited for quality assurance and data security standards. We hold the accrediations ISOQAR ISO 2001 and BSI ISO 27001.

  • The translation management platform, Tracklingua

    We offer the unique project management system Tracklingua for larger orders, including clients who require a text to be translated into more than one language. Using Tracklingua, you can submit texts for translation, track the progress of your orders and receive completed translations, ready for use.

The Malay language has been found to have been in use since the 7th Century, and in 1972 the Malaysian and Indonesian governments agreed certain standardised spellings, allowing for improved communication between the countries, also furthering the spread of ideas and writings. Language is important, and personal, to the Indonesian archipelago.

Indonesian translation service

Uses of formal titles and appropriate greeting are important in Indonesian society, and the subtleties of communicating, especially in business, mean that communication in Indonesian may be indirect and require reading between the lines. Because all of our translators are native speakers, we understand the ways that language is customarily used, and will ensure your message is put across in the correct form – and will be received and understood.

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Document translation typesetting and design

We have a skilled Indonesian desktop publishing team made up of in-house designers and typesetters. Creative Indonesian layout conversions of your documents or even complete re-designs to suit your overseas audience are no problem. Take a look at our dedicated desktop publishing page for more information.

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Legal document translation services

Our team are adept at delivering secure, accredited language translation services to the legal sector and have done so for more than 25 years. Clients include the Crown Prosecution Service, HMRC, the Ministry of Justice and numerous private legal firms.

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Medical & Pharma Translation

Medical and Pharmaceutical Translation Services

A complete Indonesian medical translation service relied on by market leaders

Comprehensive Legal Translation

Legal Translation Service

If you need a comprehensive Indonesian legal translation service, we’ve got you covered

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Retail Translation Services

Our retail translation service supports some of the worlds biggest brands

Document Translation

Document Translation

Our Indonesian document translation service makes sure your audience understands your information

Packaging Translation

Packaging translation

Specialist packaging translation capabilities relied on daily by leading UK retailers

Business Translation

Bespoke business translation services designed for Indonesian corporate applications

Financial Translation

Financial Translation

Financial translation support from experts with over 25 years experience

Government Translation

Officially contracted to supply Government translation to the UK public sector

Technical Translation

Specialist technical translation relied on by engineering and manufacturing industries

What our clients say about us

K International have delivered a very professional service within very short deadlines for us for a few years now, the project management team is always on hand to help with any tasks or requests we have. They are extremely adaptable and helpful! We look forward to working with you again in the future.

LMC DesignAccount Manager

K International have been a pleasure to work alongside and are always happy to help and deal with any queries that may arise. By having a dedicated account manager it means you always have a point of contact rather than having to go through a sales team. This allows for a great working relationship between you and K International. We have always received good service from K International. Timing and quality have always met my expectations and everything is communicated in a professional and timely manner.

NHS Foundation TrustDorset County Hospital

No matter if it’s a long or short translation. K International always gives us the best service and with very short timings!

Thanks for your hard work K International!

Hotels VivaAccount Manager

At the Open University, we work with partners across the globe to produce world-class learning materials in many different languages. Working with K International has been a pleasure because the team are always very quick to respond to our, often rapid, demands. We would highly recommend their services and look forward to a long working relationship with them.

The Open UniversityProject Coordinator

I work for an international company that produces games and toys for children of various ranges: Scientific, creative, electronic and educational.

We have been cooperating with K International for almost two years and we found their work exceptional considering that we assigned them translations over different fields within the wide world of Toys. They’ve always been very receptive and ready to take on our requirements. They have always respected our needs and our deadlines, providing a very effective and trustworthy service. As far as I’m concerned professionalism and competence are the most important qualities for those who manage translation and they have both in abundance.

ClementoniProduct Manager

K International’s work-flow allows seamless processing of our Artwork and Instruction Manuals. The team are a pleasure to work with and are always on the front foot with innovations. I look forward to continuing our strategic partnership with K International.

TescoProject Lead