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International Marketing Translation Services

Don’t limit your inbound marketing content to a home audience.

Whether you need your content transcreated, translated or created from scratch, we have the expertise to ensure your inbound marketing campaigns are a global success.

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Adapt your Inbound Marketing Efforts to International Audiences

Adapting digital content for an international audience is challenging with many complex considerations.

Providing specialist advice on all legal, cultural and procedural issues associated with digital content translation, transcreation and localisation. We handle the technicalities of getting your content in front of a global audience and keep the process as simple and efficient as possible.

Marketing automation tools now allow you to deliver relevant information to your prospects based on the country or time zone they are in. We help you create multilingual versions of your content so that you can ensure that any marketing campaign is to all intents and purposes equal wherever it is seen, even though it may look and sound different.

We have experience working with marketing automation tools such as HubSpot, Marketo, Demandbase, Eloqua and more. Whether your marketing project appears in print, online or broadcast over TV and radio, we have the infrastructure to deliver your message to multinational markets. Our commitment to excellence ensures the highest degree of quality in every project we undertake.


Localise each Stage
of your Customers’ Journeys



Attract through blog articles, eBooks, social media posts or video content. Ensure that your potential customers can access your materials, at the right time, in their native language.



Personalise your global customers’ journeys with emails, live chats and targeted social media posts. We have the infrastructure in place to help you engage with your customers wherever they are.



Showcase your industry expertise across the globe. Provide relevant white papers, infographics, videos and e-mails for your customers which they can share with their network.

We can help you with your
international marketing communications.

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Types of Content

White Papers

Localise your white papers to showcase thought leadership and expertise in your field.


Provide vital information about your solutions to a global audience through infographics.


Provide valuable insight into your industry for your international customer base.

Social Media Content

Social media platforms give access to an enormous pool of potential customers. Engage with global audiences by providing relevant information in their native language.


Deliver a personalised approach to your prospects and customers with email marketing which considers the culture and language of your target market.

Live Chat

Deliver a great customer experience by ensuring your customers are able to receive live information in their native language, whenever they need it.


Harness the power of international video through adding subtitles or voice-overs to the internet's most popular type of online content.

Case Studies

Illustrate how your company has helped your customers succeed by providing multilingual case studies.

Blog Posts

Drive more organic traffic to your website by offering blog posts in your target customers’ native language.


You have a successful local market presence and are now looking to new markets. Rather than translating your communications word for word, it is important to ensure that your communication resonates with your new target markets, appealing to buyers and users the same way it does at home.

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“The team at K International provide an excellent service while consistently working to our tight deadlines. The friendly and professional team are a pleasure to work with.
I look forward to working with you all more in the future.”

“K International deliver a very professional service within very short deadlines and have done so for a few years now. The project management team are always on hand to help you with any tasks or requests. They are extremely adaptable and helpful! We look forward to working with you again in the future.”

Senior Creative and Account Management teams
LMC Design

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“K International have proved over and over again that they are dependable translators, no matter the size of the brief or the deadline they’ve been given. They often bend over backwards to ensure work is turned around quickly, whilst still managing to maintain a high quality of work. In our line of work, it is extremely important to communicate with the target audience in their own words, and K International help us to do this effectively. I would certainly recommend them to anyone seeking translations in the future!”

Account Executive
ThinkZest Creative Communications Agency

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“K International have played an integral role in our requirements for translations. Our ability to create POS for several different CE countries has enabled us to deliver a fast and accurate service to our clients. We have been provided with accurate technical POS translations in Czech, Slovak, Polish and Hungarian, all of which were confirmed by the teams in the relevant countries. We are very pleased with the friendly and timely services that K International has provided to our company and would not hesitate to use them again in the future.”

Account Manager
Blackdog Marketing Communications

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