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Video and Telephone
Interpreting Services

Telephone and Video Interpreting services allowing you to communicate in any language via a 3-way telephone or video call. Calling one number connects you to a linguist in seconds.

Over 30 years of experience. Accredited security processes.
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Telephone and Video
Interpreting Services

Telephone Interpreting service is integrated into your own business procedures enabling you and your teams to communicate instantly in any language. Helping to improve your communication with the diverse home market and with customers overseas. Used to expand the functionality of primarily English language call centres, this service helps to save your company money by adding ad hoc multi-language functionality to your operations.

We have teams of interpreting staff specially trained to deal with the general public in situations such as healthcare, security and emergencies. We are able to pre-arrange specific interpreting assignments to cover more in-depth healthcare issues. For these assignments, gender, subject knowledge and even experience of the interpreter can be chosen.

We also have a selection of interpreters who are CTC cleared and work within the boundaries of the Official Secrets Act (1989), if you require one of these please let us know before the assignment begins and we can make provision for it.

24 Hour Service

The service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Contact an interpreter whenever you need one.

Quick Connect

99% of all calls are connected to an interpreter in under 60 seconds so you won't keep your customer waiting.

Management Information

Full management information is available to help in analysing trends, helping you forecast the future and solving any problems you identify.


Telephone and Video Interpreting with TalkLingua

Our Telephone and Video Interpreting Service enables you to communicate in 250 languages 24/7. No matter where you are in the world in most cases we can connect you to an interpreter in less than a minute.

  • One-time set-up, with a simple calling process thereafter
  • 99% of calls connected in under 60 seconds
  • Schedule telephone and video assignments

We can help you with your interpreting.

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“K International have provided a consistently swift and efficient service for all of the assignments rendered. The staff have always been communicative and courteous so I know exactly what to expect and from whom. I have used a variety of services from K International now, including vastly complex document translations and also interpreter presence in the course of highly sensitive meetings. I would highly recommend K International to anyone. A special thanks to the team there!”

The Charity Commission

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“I have had to use this service twice in the last few weeks and both times it was extremely easy to use; very fast; the interpreters very professional and friendly.”

Official Receiver
The Insolvency Service


“K International were very professional and organised. The interpreters themselves were very patient, kind and professional in every way.”


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“I found the interpreter provided by K International not only proficient in their skills as a translator, but also very supportive and aware of the emotional well-being of my clients in what was a particularly traumatic time for them.”


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