Saving your local authority money
with great language services

Local authorities like yours are already benefiting from our services around the country. The language and translation services we provide have been designed to help local government and councils access an array of language services at beneficial rates via the Crown Commercial Service framework

Free consultations for all local authority language projects

CCS translation services for local government

Consistently excellent quality with quick turnaround times

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Saving councils time and money

We are part of an official Crown Commercial Services framework to supply the UK Government with language services. Working with numerous councils, local authorities and government departments on a daily basis, we help you deliver comprehensive language support to improve communication with local communities.

As a local authority, you are entitled to access our services via a preferential pricing structure, prenegotiated by the crown commercial service. This allows local government departments to easily procure translation, transcription and a selection of accessibility services including Braille, EasyRead, sign language, large print and audio/visual production regardless of location. This can save you significant costs compared to sourcing your own commercial suppliers and also provides peace of mind, as all our services are carried out by experienced vetted professionals.

Benefit from translation memories

Local authorities also have access to our advanced translation memory system at no extra cost. We create a large intelligent database of all your translations, so the information held within can be reused in your future projects. In doing so, we can actively reduce turnaround times and also ensure of exceptional levels of consistency, something very difficult to achieve using multiple suppliers without a dedicated language management system of your own.

Working with us through the Crown Commercial Services provides your local authority with the following benefits…

  • Fixed pricing structure

  • Broad translation capabilities in any language

  • Full suite of accessibility services

  • Eliminate procurement costs

  • Dedicated project managers assigned to your account

  • Significant cost savings

  • Smooth transition of service

  • Language memories

  • Customisable workflows

  • Security cleared processes

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Providing Local Authorities with a
Complete Language Solution

We have been helping councils and local government departments provide multilingual & accessible information to their communities for more than 2 decades. In that time we have built up a great deal of experience, tailoring our process to suit your work practices.


K International’s dedicated translation service operates in more than 250 languages and is relied upon by both central and local government. This service is tailored to cater for various specialisations including printed public information, websites, legal documentation and internal communication to name just a few.


K International’s provides local authorities with one of the most reliable transcription services in the UK. We work with taped meetings, interviews, telephone calls, video surveillance, foreign TV channels and any other form of audio recording. Our team will transcribe your recordings into English and translate any other audio language you may require.


Situations requiring interpreters can vary considerably. With this in mind, we offer a wide range of interpreting services to local government departments, each job is treated as a bespoke assignment.  We take care of every aspect of the project with no hidden costs, all you need to do is provide us with a date, time and an assignment description.


K International can convert any document into Braille, providing local authorities with a communication solution for the blind and visually impaired. As part of the production process every document is proofread by an experienced Braille reader to ensure accuracy, quality and usability. Particular attention is given to providing a user friendly layout.


EasyRead documents are created by K International on a case-by-case basis, to allow people with learning difficulties to access existing material. They are written in clear, concise language without jargon or other confusing terminology. Key points are also clearly explained using diagrams and illustrations.

Large Print

Large Print documents are a quick and cost effective method of presenting information so that it is easier to read by people with poor vision. Our studio team are experienced in the creation of these documents from existing material, and can ensure that the style and look of the final product is consistent with your original.

…local authorities can benefit from even more…

Our bespoke translation ordering and management system, Tracklingua, provides local government with a convenient on-line method for your departments to directly request and receive translations as well as access relevant language resources.  By utilising this system you can significantly reduce admin load and keep track of all requests by either individual users or teams. If you have a regular requirement for translation, Tracklingua can deliver significant benefits to your departmental language workflow.


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Government departments already
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25 Years

experience working and delivering
language support for local authorities

*stats as of April 2016