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The healthcare landscape is constantly changing and evolving, with new devices entering the field every day. It falls to medical professionals to make sense of it all to ensure the health and wellbeing of their patients. Don’t let language barriers become an obstacle in the path of progress. From emergency room equipment instructions to clinical testing device operational procedures, K International are here to provide dependable, accurate and adaptive translation services for a wide range of medical devices.

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Translation services for medical device manufacturers

Patients trust you with their health. Trust us with your medical device translations.

In the field of surgical equipment development and traditional patient care, clear and effective communication can mean the difference between you and your competition – especially when it comes to complex technology. In today’s global environment, teams of doctors, scientists, technicians and researchers use dozens of different tools and devices to understand the human body and treat patients on a daily basis. To that end, it’s essential that your organisation be able to communicate effectively in order to achieve your goals and maintain the safety of those you seek to help. A mistranslated phrase in a set of instructions could result in serious ramifications for not only the medical professionals involved but also the lives of your patients.

Don’t let your valuable research or vital equipment information get lost in translation. K International have over two decades of hands-on experience across a vast range of medical tasks and procedures, so we understand the importance of accuracy and timeliness when it comes to handling medical information. We are trusted by the British Army to handle their medical records, and we’ve partnered with healthcare equipment manufacturers to translate complex and highly detailed instruction manuals for cutting-edge medical devices. We understand the nuances of explaining complex procedures and protocols for operating a wide array of machines and devices for use in regions all over the world. You can ensure your global customers and employees will understand exactly how to handle and operate any device.

Just as you provide the highest level of care for patients, we provide you with a full range of medical translation services to meet all of your needs. No matter the size of your organisation or the level of specialisation within your work, talk to us today about how we can help you meet the global needs of the medical world with accuracy and integrity.

Providing a breadth of high quality translation
tailored to the requirements of medical device manufacturers

By working with us, we can help you break down the language barriers between you and your international customers

Instructions for Use
Operating & Maintenance Manuals
Software & User Interfaces
Regulatory compliance documents
Product Packaging
Patents & Legal Documents
Product information, package inserts and labels
Manufacturing process descriptions
Marketing & Advertising

By taking advantage of our medical device translation service, you will benefit from…

  • Easy-to-use, highly responsive tools

    Our innovative processes and systems streamline the entire translation process, so you can focus on what really matters. We adapt to the way you work, allowing easy on-boarding for teams of any size. Plus, due to our experience working with government and high-level business entities, we can accommodate urgent requests with no drop in quality.

  • Professional, sector specific linguists fluent in more than 150 languages

    We assign you expert linguists based on your individual requirements, tailoring their skills to your needs. They only ever work into their native language to ensure your translations read naturally, avoiding colloquial errors to preserve the integrity of your original message. We deliver your voice in the language of your customer!

  • Any file, any format

    Whether you have dense research reports or complex digital files, our team of linguists and designers have the experience and the expertise to translate any project on time and with accuracy guaranteed.

  • Dedicated account process management

    As our client, you’ll benefit from your own dedicated account manager, giving you a dependable direct contact who knows you and who understands your specific requirements. They are always on hand to answer your questions and provide regular progress updates on your translation project. In addition, we are able to provide you with comprehensive certified documentation for use within your workflow and auditing processes.


    All of our procedures are certified to ISO 27001 for data security, by the British Standards Institute. Quality management is accredited to ISO 9001 by independent organisation ISOQAR. Our staff are security cleared to at least CTC level and regularly handle documents of a secret or sensitive nature.

“We have used K International for POS translations in Czech, Slovak, Polish & Hungarian, all of which were confirmed by the teams in the relevant countries. We are very pleased with the friendly and timely services that K International has provided to our company and would not hesitate to use them again in the future.”

Account Manager at Blackdog Marketing Communications

Blackdog Marketing Communications

“I’m very grateful to K International for the translations they provide, always within a very short timescale. My business areas ask for these things with very little notice and you have succeeded in delivering every time. Well Done and Thank You”

Procurement Officer at
The Intellectual Property Office

intellectual property office

Medical translation outside of devices

Translation services for the medical profession

Our team of trained linguists have worked with leading organisations in the world of pharmaceuticals and healthcare for over two decades. We understand the unique needs and challenges of medical translation. Clients include NHS, the Ministry of Defense and Orthosonics.

Reliable technical translation built on accuracy and trust

Technical medical translation

Conducting translations on technical materials presents a slew of unique challenges and obstacles. That’s why we work with you to find the perfect linguist for each project, pairing you with an expert in both your target language and field, ensuring that every detail remains intact.

Quality localisation of your designed materials

Document translation typesetting and design

From basic spreadsheets and presentations to complex marketing collateral, we provide a dedicated team of in-house designers, typesetters and artists available to work on your business materials. Whether you need simple adjustments or a complete redesign, we help you deliver quality content to your overseas audience.