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It’s news Jim, but not as we know it!

On this page, you’ll find some examples of the most popular articles from the K International language blog

From the weird to the wonderful, the serious to the slapstick, if you have an interest in language this is the blog for you!

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We keep a constant eye out for stories about how language influences business and vice versa. In addition to the stories we find, we also produce our own articles to help businesses to employ language and grow internationally.


Unlike some of our contemporaries, we realise occasionally you’d rather stick pins in your eyes than read another dry business article. Never fear, we’re here for you when the office tension gets unbearable and the coffee break just isn’t long enough.

General Interest

Language is a massive topic and we are constantly writing about the weird and wonderful things it throws up. Ever wondered which country has the most languages or even what that ‘lorem ipsum’ text means that designers are always banging on about? We find out this kind of stuff for you.

Random Tangents

Sometimes while hanging ten on the internet, we stumble upon some great stories that have a pretty tenuous link to languages. More frequently we produce our own articles about random language-related(ish) stuff that the team here at K International come up with. You could think of this section like the last 5 minutes on the news where they report on a skateboarding dog.

Some Extras

language blog
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