Corporate Translation Guide

Having trouble getting your head around the difference between translation and transcreation? Does your company rely on Google for it’s language needs? Stumped by MT & DTP? Download K international’s Corporate Translation Guide today to get a head start with your multilingual projects. 

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Corporate Translation Guide

Here at K International new clients often ask us  “what’s involved in translation?”. The truth is the answer is very much dependent on how you intend to use it. Some clients think of translation as a simple black and white process where as others invest serious time and research into language projects.

The most important consideration when approaching any translation project is that you make an informed decision about what you need. We put together a bite size corporate translation guide to help you understand more about the basic processes and terminology involved within the Language industry. This should help when looking for a language partner and allow you to decide what services will actually benefit your business.

Before you start trawling through all the results for translation services on Google, read this

What’s in the corporate translation guide?

  • What does translation mean for businesses?
  • Language industry terminology explanations
  • Typical growth and shrink rates for translated languages
  • Business translation best practice
  • How to find a language partner

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