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Technology Language Services

Helping you reach global markets, our language translation service for the technology sector works with businesses like yours to address the challenges and opportunities of international digital transformation.

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Language Solutions
Designed for Global Tech

The technology industry is one of the fastest growing industries worldwide. From the internet of things, artificial intelligence, cloud computing to augmented reality and adaptive learning, each year welcomes new technological advances. With rapid growth and use of tech globally, it is key for technology companies to have the appropriate language infrastructure in place to be successful in their target markets.

Our global team of language professionals translate your material into over 250 languages. Markets don’t stand still and requirements change, so our language management tools are constantly evolving to deliver even better results and continued savings.


Technological Language Services

Ensure your global customers can easily understand and use your products, wherever they are. Our technology language services support some of the largest global brands.

A high proportion of the fastest growing technology companies are FinTech and software companies and our language expertise in those areas is highly developed.


Ensuring your FinTech is prepared for international markets requires highly specialised linguists with specific expertise. From money transfer services and smart contracts, to technology streamlining the insurance industry and helping businesses meet regulatory requirements, our mother-tongue linguists possess the experience and expertise to ensure your FinTech solutions are tailored to your target market, taking both cultural and linguistic considerations when localising your content.


Expand the potential of your user interface, application or programme by preparing it for launch and use in other countries. When selling your product overseas, opt for a high-quality, thorough localisation service that blends skilled translation with technical know-how to suit each individual country’s audience. A quality translation service could save your company a great deal of wasted time and money, by ensuring that your software works flawlessly regardless of the language it is running in.

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We Are Translators
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Our experience has enabled us to develop solutions for every challenging international technology opportunity. Localising thousands of lines of code each month the people, technology and processes all go together to deliver successful localisation projects.

Specialist Translators

Our professional translators cover over 250 languages. Their experience means that we are able to match professional linguists perfectly with your unique requirements. You benefit from technically capable translators focused on achieving software that performs perfectly in any language.

Localisation Engineers

Bridging the gap between translation and technology our team of engineers work with your teams to make the process of localisation as straight-forward as possible. They cover everything from project planning to re-building international code assisting the translation team at each stage.

Quality and Data Security

Holding ISO 27001:2013 for data security and ISO 9001:2015 for quality assurance. Your data is guaranteed to be secure. Translations are guaranteed to be accurate.

Localisation Technology

Integrating into your existing development environment our systems ensure the localisation process is carried out efficiently and within agreed timescales.

Helping Leading Firms with their Internationalisation

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“K International’s workflow allows seamless processing of our artwork and instruction manuals. The team are a pleasure to work with and are always on the front foot with innovations.
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“The team at K International are very knowledgeable, dedicated and enthusiastic. A big factor in working with K is that not only can they help you translate, but also, you have the peace of mind that the output is legally compliant.”

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“We are very satisfied with the service we receive from K International. Consistently excellent quality with quick turnaround times. Special thanks to the exceptional project management team, who are always a pleasure to work with.”

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