Security cleared transcription services from official UK government providers

Your confidential discussions and reports are essential in helping your team make the right decisions and drive policy forward. You need to make sure that they’re in safe hands, secure at all times with no opportunity for potentially damaging leaks, our UK based secure transcription services give you that security.

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Transcription of the highest quality with security at the heart of every step

Secure transcription services

Security cleared transcription you can trust

Making sure your confidential documents are secure is a challenge in the modern world, especially when you need to work with an external partner to obtain transcribed records of vital meetings, interviews and policy papers. It’s essential that you can rely on the confidentiality of their service, whether it is security cleared transcription, encrypted data storage, or secure transportation of hard copy documents. Data breaches can be catastrophic, so knowing you can rely on secure transcription services makes all the difference.

K International provides security cleared transcription services you can trust. As an official Crown Commercial Service supplier through RM1092 (Lot 2), we offer you the choice of four levels of government security cleared transcribers, from Baseline Personnel Security Standard (BPSS), through Counter Terrorist Checks (CTC), Security Checks (SC) and Developed Vetting (DV). If you require DV level transcription handling please contact us as soon as possible as the number of cleared specialists in the UK is extremely limited.

Key features of our high security transcription service

Crown Commercial Service

Official Secure
Transcription Provider

K International are part of the RM1092 CCS framework to supply secure transcription to the UK Government.

24hr Transcription available


We provide a same day, 24hr, 48hr and 72hr secure turnaround service as required to all our clients.

security cleared transcription

Secure & Certified
Transcription Services

We use egress secure data exchange and all our information security & quality processes are accredited to ISO 27001 & 9001 standards.

Secure Courier service and storage

Secure Transit
& Storage

All sensitive physical media is transported via secure courier services provided by TNT. Whilst on site, data is stored on isolated servers with hard copies locked in fireproof safes.

Secure transcription without delay

In some cases, secure transcription can mean an extra layer of administration and delay when it comes to receiving your documents. Whether it involves delays in sending transcription requests due to insecure email systems, delays in obtaining confidential information because of a shortage of suitably vetted staff, or delays in receiving hard copies of documents because of complicated security protocols, constant delays make your team’s work harder.

The good news is that we’ve set up a secure transcription service that’s accredited by the BSI and ISOQAR (ISO 27001:2013; ISO 9001:2015) that enables you to request and receive secure transcripts of your files within a single day (express service), if that’s what you need. We use Egress Switch, a secure email request and delivery system, this means you can benefit from secure encrypted email and file transfer as well as secure online collaboration on confidential projects.

One of Egress Switch’s biggest advantages is that it gives you choice and control over how you share sensitive information. You can decide what recipients can do with the files you share with them, including the ability to forward, print, or locally copy emails and documents. You also have access to a detailed log of these actions, enabling full visibility and control of your data.

Another great feature is that you can access Egress Switch when and where you need it, including integration with existing applications such as MS Outlook, or on desktop or mobile apps. This means your team can request secure transcription via Egress on the move, receiving the confidential document from an appropriately-vetted member of our transcription team on a device of their choice without compromising on speed or security.

If you require hard copies of sensitive documents, we also offer rapid and secure transportation through TNT couriers, with increased security measures such as use of security control centres, vehicle security, security escorts and enhanced site control. All our secure work is handled within the UK without exception.

security cleared transcription provider

Secure transcription benefits

  • Certified Government Transcription Supplier

    K International is committed to providing high quality, reliable secure transcription services. We are an official government transcription supplier through the Crown Commercial Service framework RM1092 (Lot 2). Our information security systems have been accredited by the British Standards Institute (ISO 27001:2013), while our quality management systems have been accredited by ISOQAR (ISO 9001:2015).

  • Security Cleared Transcription Staff

    If your project requires access to secret or sensitive information we can provide staff with security clearance (BPSS, CTC, SC, DV) to suit your needs. As well as working to the highest standards of data security, we offer a multilingual component add-on with hundreds of possible language combinations.

  • Express Service for Same-Day Turnaround

    When you need rapid, secure transcriptions we can offer a same-day express service through our secure communication system, Egress Switch. Whether you require secure documents in the cloud or secure hard copies by secure courier, our UK-based team will ensure you can access our high quality transcription services without unnecessary delays.

Secure transcription in any language

When you need rapid, secure transcription of files to and from languages other than English you need to leverage a team of expert project managers, translators and language transcription technology to get things done. As well as ensuring that your sensitive files are secure, it’s essential that your transcriptions are of the highest quality. Inaccuracies at this level can prove problematic because they have particularly wide repercussions. All of this makes it all the more important to have a multilingual transcription partner whose services you can rely on.

K International has 30 years of experience delivering language services to the public sector. We offer our clients a multilingual transcription service through Tracklingua, our fully customisable online translation portal. Tracklingua is a bespoke software system developed by our team that allows you to request and receive multilingual transcriptions in one place. Because everything is stored securely in the cloud, Tracklingua significantly reduces your admin load and allows you to track transcription requests by individual users and teams. You can even choose to brand the system for your organisation.

Just like Egress Switch, Tracklingua is customisable and can integrate with your organisation’s existing internal systems. Rather than waiting for quotes or emailing back and forth, you simply upload your file to the cloud, track its progress, and download the completed transcription when it is ready. As an added bonus, Tracklingua is able to handle virtually any file format, so you can upload any document type and we will take care of the rest. You’ll have the secure transcriptions you need on your desk before you know it.

A few words from our clients

“K International are excellent to work with and the level of customer service they provide is fantastic. I’ve had to request additional work, change the requirements and ask for assistance at short notice. They dealt with all these requests and delivered against some really tight deadlines which has been exceptionally helpful. I would highly recommend K International’s services”

Lead Investigator, Crown Prosecution Service


“Very efficient services, the team at K International keep us updated on progress throughout projects”

Project team at the Home Office

Secure transcription for the Home Office

More services available through CCS RM1092 Framework

Accessibility typesetting services

As a public sector customer, you can benefit from the CCS RM1092 framework agreement immediately. This gives your entire department unlimited access to translation, transcription, interpreting and accessibility services such as Braille, large print and sign language.

Legal translations that deliver security and peace of mind

Legal document translation services

Our experts are adept at working with secure, accredited language translations for the legal sector.  Clients of this service include the Crown Prosecution Service, HMRC, the Ministry of Justice and numerous private legal firms.

Do you need your documents designed and typeset?

Document translation typesetting and design

Our in-house designers and typesetters are here to work on your documents, in any language. Layout conversions or even a complete re-design of your information are no problem for our team. Take a look at our dedicated studio page for more information.