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Our document translation services are relied on by individuals and companies all around the world. We work with you at every step to produce translations that effortlessly communicate with your intended audiences in any language you require

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The very best document translations are invisible

We don’t mean literally invisible here but rather that there is no hint your document was originally written in a different language. When you work with us you can be safe in the knowledge all translations of your documents read as if you had penned them from scratch yourself, fluently in any language.

Sometimes you might need a word for word translation, like in the case of legal contracts. Other situations may call for more creative solutions that focus on communicating your message rather than just the individual words, marketing materials are a good example of this. At K International, our skilled linguists deliver a translation that is perfectly suited to your needs, whether that’s a marriage certificate for a local records office or a creative sales pitch to an international corporation.

What are certified translations?

Different organisations and governments have different processes when it comes to certifiying translations. The UK Government as a whole do not have a specific certification process but instead request only that the translation is completed by a translator/agency registered with specific body’s/associations the certification level someone requires is completely dependent on the person requesting it and as such there is no definite rule to which certification level someone needs but the below list can give a general idea.

An important point to bear in mind is that a certified translation does not replace the original. If you are submitting a certified translation a copy of the original should also be supplied.

Certificate of Accuracy

This is a certificate from K International (whom are registered with various industries bodies and associations) stating that the translation we completed is a true and accurate reflection of the source information provided. This is suitable for most official UK Government information requests unless specified otherwise.


In some cases where a document has been notarised the requestors require additional confirmation that the notary public is registered and genuine, in cases like this an apostille is supplied (a document certifying the translation carried out by the Foreign Commonwealth Office). These are required for official documents destined for use by authorities overseas.


In this case the translator will visit a Notary Public and sign to state that they have completed the translation and they are qualified to do so, in cases where a Certificate of Accuracy is not suitable a notarised translation often is.

Sworn translation

A sworn translation is a translation provided by a sworn translator. In order for a translator to be able to complete a sworn translation they must pass certain criteria and be registered with accredited bodies. To be considered a sworn translation, the document will require an affidavit (a declaration signed in front of a legal representative that states the translation is a complete and accurate reflection of the source to the best of the translator’s knowledge).

By working with our agency to translate your documents, you will benefit from…

  • Professional native linguists, skilled in more than 150 languages

    Every document we work on for you is carefully translated by a professional linguist who only works into their mother tongue. This guarantees that the language, style and tone will be perfectly adapted to suit the target audience of your choosing.

  • Your own account manager

    Our agency ensures all clients are paired with a dedicated account manager,  this means you will always have a direct point of contact to answer your questions and keep you updated with the progress of your translation project. Our team are on-hand to assist you at every stage of our partnership, whenever you need them, without exception.

  • fast turnarounds with hassle free ordering

    Our processes and systems streamline the entire translation process, just talk to one of our advisers and send us your documents. We handle urgent requests on a daily basis, reliably and with no drop in quality.

  • A format agnostic service

    Basically a fancy way of saying  ‘whatever the document format, we can translate it’. Whether you have hand written journals or complex DTP documents, our team of linguists and artworkers have the experience required to turn around your project in any language.

“K International have provided a consistently swift and efficient service for all of the assignments rendered. The staff have always been communicative and courteous so I know exactly what to expect and from whom. I have used a variety of services from K International now, including vastly complex document translations and also interpreting in the course of highly sensitive meetings.

I would highly recommend K International to anyone. A special thanks to the team there!”

Government Department, Charity Commission

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“I’m very grateful to K International for the document translations, all completed within a very short timescale. My department requires these things with very little notice and you have succeeded in delivering every time. Well done and thank you”

Government Department, Intellectual Property Office

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Do you need a translation that looks as good as it reads?

Document translation typesetting and design

We have a team of in-house designers and typesetters available to work on your translated documents. Creative layout conversions or even a complete re-design of your translation is no problem for our team. Take a look at our dedicated studio page for more information.

A translation agency with proven experience
delivering exceptional document localisation

We are proud to list numerous household names as clients that rely on our localisation services, we work closely with each and every one of our clients, completing projects to demanding deadlines and always to exacting standards. Our translation services help businesses, both large and small, engage with and understand their international audiences.

In addition to our commercial clients, We are also an official supplier of document translation services to the UK Government via the Crown Commercial Service framework (RM1092). We work alongside the Ministry of Defence, Crown Prosecution Service and the Home Office, so you can rest assured that our translations are trusted at an international level.

In order to deliver great results every time, we get to know our clients inside out. We take the time to understand your individual needs, as well as the unique challenges and opportunities you face when communicating with international readers, wherever they may be. We can guarantee that all of our clients enjoy not only the best quality translations but some of the most secure, reliable & efficient services as well. We believe that everyone is entitled to this level of service so regardless of your document translation requirements, you will receive the same commitment to quality as our international business and government clients.

Our document translation services are available in over 250 languages, with every localisation undertaken by an experienced team of linguists with a background working on a wide variety of document types. The entire translation process is managed by one of our specialist translation project managers.

Some of the most popular languages requested by our customers looking for document translation are as follows:
Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish

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Document Translation Guide

5 Tips for document translation

We handle all sorts of documents on a daily basis, but if you want to make sure your project can be completed as fast as possible at the best price, follow the tips in this short guide.

Transcreation and Marketing

Transcreation is what you need

Sometimes translation is not the most suitable option for a document, what you really need is a bilingual copywriter to completely reimagine your content. We call this transcreation and we are experts in the field!

Legal Document Translation

Legal document

We operate a specialised service for legal documents. Often you will need a translation that retains the legal effectiveness of the original, we provide exactly that service. Take a look at our dedicated page to find out more.