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Making sure your translations hit the right notes with a global audience requires a holistic approach, you must provide more than just a word for word interpretation of the original for true success. The whole feel of the content needs to be carefully adapted to ensure your international customers engage with your information in the way you desire. That’s where Transcreation & Marketing Translation come in.

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Transcreation & Marketing Translation services

At K International, we have a proud record of marketing translation and transcreation. With the ability to work with more than one hundred and fifty languages, we have been commissioned to work for many of the world’s top companies.

Marketing translation and transcreation are exacting disciplines, so we employ teams of marketers and translators all over the world that not only meet with our own rigorous standards of translation, but who also have relevant experience in marketing in their native country. Their inside knowledge of the target language and the local culture enables them to analyse what’s required, deconstruct the source campaign and take it back to the original brief, and then reassemble it in such a way that it retains the full spirit and message of the original, but in a manner that will impact positively on the end users in the target country.

The copywriters we employ work closely with our design studio, which can adapt just about anything, be it a print, media or web projects. All artwork is handled by the studio and can be reproduced in any required format. Our systems and processes allow us to work 24/7, which leads to fast turnaround times, and all clients can follow the progress of their project via our online portal, through which files can be delivered, monitored, and downloaded when the process is complete. K International’s working methods mean that you are in control of the process at all times and that the final output will look as if it has been designed, and written by a local agency in the target country.


Transcreation, what is it?

Globalisation has given rise to the situation where identical products are now manufactured and sold all over the world. While that may appear to be a simple concept, it’s fraught with potential difficulties for the companies involved.

To sell a product successfully, it’s necessary to create or stimulate a demand. This in turn requires precision advertising and marketing. While that’s not a problem when confined to a single country, problems often arise when exporting the campaign beyond that country’s borders. The reason for this is surprisingly simple; even though the campaign has been translated and the core message is the same, due to cultural differences, the context in which it’s been wrapped doesn’t resonate with the population of the target country. As the late comedian Frank Carson used to say: “It’s the way I tell ‘em.” And that’s what successful marketing translation is all about: taking a marketing concept and communicating its message to an indigenous population in an acceptable manner while retaining the full intention and purpose of the original. This form of marketing translation is called transcreation, and is behind thousands of successful global marketing campaigns.

You can learn more about the differences between transcreation and marketing translation in an article we produced on the subject right here

In order to understand how each specific country or region can receive the same message while ostensibly being in receipt of an individually tailored marketing campaign, think about the following question. How often are you told a joke, but when retelling it to your grandparents, your boss or your children, you make subtle alterations in the wording and length so that they too will find it funny? In other words, you transcreate the joke to suit your target audience. You know that if you tell the joke as you originally hear it, the response won’t be so favourable due to the language used in the original, which was prepared for you and people like you. Now, just as you transcend the boundaries of age and culture with your joke, so transcreation transcends the boundaries of language and culture to convey the essential idea and emotion of a marketing campaign from one country to another.

How you benefit from working with us

  • Expertise

    All our marketing translators and copywriters are not only fully qualified linguists, but they also possess the marketing skills and local knowledge necessary to produce transcreation of marketing campaigns of the highest quality.

  • Resources

    We ensure that all our translators and copywriters have access to whatever resources they require to produce transcreation that meets our demanding standards.

  • Transcreation Experience

    The experience K International has gained in the field of marketing translation and transcreation means we not only understand what clients want to achieve, but also how to deliver it in such a way that the client can remain confident and calm throughout the whole process.

  • Reputation

    K International has built a deserved reputation for the quality of our transcreation service, something that we treasure and take great pride in.

Thinking of adapting your content for an international audience? Read this guide first

Our free eBook will help you to deliver the best experience to your customers when growing an international audience. In it you’ll find case studies, tips and beneficial information that will guard you against some of the common pitfalls associated with transcreation and international marketing in the digital world.

How to create content for an International Audience

There’s more to marketing translation than just words

The more markets broaden and expand, the greater the challenges that are presented to marketing personnel. Advertising needs to register with the emotions as much as the mind, and by paying particular attention to the mores and customs of a particular country, any marketing message can have the same appeal in Saudi Arabia as it does in New Zealand. Transcreation helps companies to avoid the pitfalls that trap the unwary and the unprepared.

To sell a product successfully, it’s necessary to create or stimulate a demand

Marketing translation and transcreation are not exactly the same, although they are closely related. While translation deals with the words of the language, transcreation reformulates those words, along with the style and any images, and moulds them into a package that’s perfectly acceptable to the people of another country because it pays due respect and attention to their culture, mores, dialects, idioms and humour. The literal text is passed over in favour of reproducing the same emotional response in all countries, with the result that any marketing campaign is to all intents and purposes equal wherever it is seen, even though it may look and sound different.

Whether your marketing project appears in print, online or broadcast over TV & Radio, we have the transcreation infrastructure to deliver your message to multinational markets. Our commitment to excellence ensures the highest degree of quality in every project we undertake.



Make your international content look as good as it reads!

Document translation typesetting and design

Ensuring your multilingual documents look the part is key when trying to engage audiences. If the design doesn’t reflect the quality of the copy, the document won’t resonate with customers, this is especially true for marketing and advertising documents that rely heavily on visual finesse.

Compete on a international footing with your website!

Multilingual typesetting for websites

When you partner great translation with skilled web developers you give your site the tools it needs to become an international sensation. If you are ready to bring your message to a worldwide audience, get in touch with us. We can drive your worldwide results forward.

Make your information accessible to everyone!

Accessibility typesetting services

We can help you with more than just language and design. Our studio experts are able to reproduce your documents in Audio, subtitled, signed, Braille, Easy Read and large print to make sure you can communicate with your entire audience whenever you need to.