Website Translation that helps you compete on an international level.

If your web content is only available in English, it’s being ignored by 95% of internet users. At K International, we provide the tools to help your website draw an international audience of customers!

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These industry leaders rely on our website translation services:

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A multilingual website will help you drive international sales

When you produce great international content that makes a point of being sensitive to local dialects and cultural sensibilities, you have taken a step in the right direction to ensuring your website is a global success. The best translations aren’t literal, a direct word for word conversion isn’t going to cut the mustard when you want to attract hits and sales from overseas, sorry Google translate but you’re just the wrong tool for this job.  When you employ experienced, in-country translators who wield an authentic linguistic style and a passion for your content, your website readers, customers and sales teams will reap the rewards.

When you partner a great translation team like this alongside a set of skilled multilingual web developers you’re going to see even more benefits, boosting international traffic and guaranteeing that your message rings true with audiences around the world. K International’s website translation services are built around this ideal, we take the stress, complexity and effort out of translating your website. Our team works with you at every step to ensure your website is attracting the audience you want in any, and every, country you desire.

  • Making Website Translation Simple!

    We keep website translation simple. With experienced end to end project management, we deliver the best return for your online investment. Adapt your site for an international audience without the unnecessary technical hassles. No more guess work, no more struggling. Let our team guide you through the whole process, step by step.

  • International SEO and Keyword Research for local markets

    Keywords are not universal, our team will help you optimise for each and every global region that you target. Local search engine results will help you gain a faster footing in each new market. Increase your sites visibility and dominate the competition wherever you target by trusting our translation and localisation experts to understand and plan your keyword strategy. You can find out more about this topic in our Multilingual SEO article.

  • Multilingual Website Testing

    We use linguistic focus groups to guarantee functionality, and prevent translator bias. Your content will work for the locals, because it will be tested by the locals. Our methodology means a richer, more intrinsic connection with the local populous in supporting your web efforts. We’ve found this approach to increase conversion rates in A/B split tests by up to 35%.

  • Localised Social Media and Content Marketing

    A “set-and-forget” approach to social media just does not work. You must generate sustained interest, even in burgeoning markets. We help you achieve this by localising the “buzz” around your company and build you into a household name, globally. Make the most out of every piece of your content, anywhere and everywhere.

We deliver results with website translation

Don’t get lost in translation… Creating engaging multilingual digital content can’t be left to chance. Our teams’ collective experience is on hand to guide your efforts and uncover the best ways to communicate your message, anywhere.

Website Translation

Our website translation services are available in more than 250 languages, with every localisation undertaken by an experienced team of linguists with a background working with online content. The entire translation process is overseen by one of our dedicated technical content project managers.

Of all of the languages we work on the following are the most popular with our website clients:
Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish

Read this free guide to
website translation!

We’ve put a specially designed guide together to help you fully understand the process with hints and options you should consider before making any decisions.

Ebook for developing international website content

Create a successful international website without the complexities

Content Management Connection

Large modern websites rely on CMSs (Content Management Systems) to help their web teams produce and maintain information. It’s a key component allowing your team to focus on the message and goals of your business by bypassing some of the technical challenges involved in running a website. The mechanical and global distribution of information may not be your biggest concern, but it is an inevitable challenge as you tackle new markets. You look for solutions… an all-in-one answer to make the process easy.

Our CMS translation tools give you that solution,  a keen global edge, a competitive linguistic advantage in any field. Use it to localise your content, streamline your global marketing and start engaging with an international audience, all without disrupting your existing workflow.

Our CMS tools put the power of seamless global content distribution in your hands.

CMS website translation
Proxy website translation

New Content? Meet live proxy website translation

Regularly updated content keeps you on top of the search engines. But how do you manage all those updates and additions when you have multiple language versions of your site? Our specialised proxy translation service was specifically designed to support your efforts.

It is easy – we first work out some pre-approved translations of common phrases and typical statements. Then as you create new content, you only have to manage the original language version of it – our Live Proxy Website Translation will convert it on-the-fly for any non-English speaking user. Your freshest content is always available in any language you choose, thanks to the speed and simplicity of our Live Proxy Translation services.

Get strategic with your translated website content

Align your web content generation with your business goals. We will assign a specific strategy consultant to ensure you are exploring each possibility. Our expert knowledge will help you to drive or shape a strategy in content development that is not limited by language, borders or technical resources.

Experience cost savings through every step of your content development cycle when you work with our seasoned team of website experts.

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Advanced Machine Website Translation

Advanced Machine Translation

Mechanical website translation is rarely going to be the solution we suggest to you – marketing copy is simply not mechanical. However, for larger scaled projects, sometimes a mechanised approach to your needs is the one that makes the most sense. Ideally suited for large catalogues, manuals, or technical specifications, we have used machine translations to help some of our clients save up to 30% on total translation costs. For more details about using machine translation on your project, please contact us.

Working with Great Clients Like You

Adapting digital content for an international audience is challenging, with many complex considerations. At K International, we provide our clients with specialist support and advice on all legal, cultural and procedural issues associated with website translation and localisation.  We handle the technicalities of getting your site in front of an international audience, and keep the process as simple and efficient for you as possible.

The Facts on Translating your Website

Studies into the language preferences of international website users and their buying habits
make for some interesting reading.


Ninety percent of Internet users actively prefer to buy from sites in their native language


Sixty percent of users rarely or actively avoid buying from a site in another language


Forty-two percent of users would never buy from a site in a foreign language

The purchase statistics speak for themselves!

Why Localise your Content?

With the expansion of the internet and foreign trade becoming more and more important,
a multilingual version of your site gives you access to markets abroad and provides the opportunity for increased sales.

Website translation for customers

Attract More Customers

Build revenue through new audience acquisition.

Global website appeal

Develop Global Appeal

Support your global users in their localised languages.

International brand development

Strengthen Your Brand

Build your brand equity and develop consumer loyalty around the globe.


K International have been a pleasure to work alongside and are always happy to help and deal with any queries that arise. Having a dedicated account manager means you always have a point of contact rather than having to go through a sales team. This allows for a great working relationship between you and K International. We have always received a great level of localisation service from K International. Timing and quality have always met my expectations and everything is communicated in a professional and timely manner.

NHS Foundation TrustNHS Dorset

K International have delivered a very professional service within very short deadlines for us for a few years now, the project management team are always on hand to help you with any tasks or requests. They are extremely adaptable and very helpful! We look forward to working with you again in the future.

Account ManagerLMC Design

K International have proved over and over again that they are dependable translators, no matter the size of the brief or the deadline they’ve been given. They often bend over backwards to ensure work is turned around quickly, whilst still managing to maintain a high quality of work. In our line of work, it is extremely important to communicate with the target audience in their own words, and K International help us to do this effectively. I would certainly recommend them to anyone seeking translations in the future!

Account ExecutiveThinkZest

About K International

K International routinely handles website localisation projects with familiar brand name clients such as Tesco, ORACLE, The Home Office & Transport for London. Each client and every job is seen as unique here, and each receives a customised approach…no two jobs are ever the same. If you are ready to bring your message to a worldwide audience, contact our team of specialists NOW. We drive worldwide results.